Wednesday, December 3, 2008

TOMS Shoes

As a result of my travels abroad, I decided each year around Christmas time I would try and buy items for my family & friends that would help benefit a non-profit organization. Last year I bought Red Campaign items, Jedidiah HOPE Collection shirts, Invisible Children bracelets/shirts & cd's of the children singing in Sierra Leone. Best part was, it helped an organization and everyone loved their gifts! Being in such a material deprived place like Africa can really cause you to check yourself, and being the Christian that I am, this unfortunately has become one of my biggest convictions. As Americans we waste so much money on things that do not make a lasting impression- only short term enjoyment. Why not buy gifts that help humanity and better the world? Everyone is already going to spend the money this holiday season...why not just take the time to look into organizations that provide gifts for families or children in need?

I became aware of TOMS through a friend a little over a year ago. I have two pairs (I'm not a "shoe girl" or I'd probably have more) and I can honestly tell you they are my favorite. They are so incredibly easy to wear and so comfortable! Better yet, if you buy a pair, they give a pair to a child in need. TOMS does shoe drops all over the world, even here in America. I encourage everyone to check them out:

I was recently interviewed by the local news station, OETA, about my TOMS. A girl I went to high school with saw mine on some of my facebook photos and referred me to a local reporter while they discussed shoes one day. It is so random! But, I wanted to share the link! It was fun but I'm happy I had the chance to publicly show my support for the organization. You can see the interview here:

For anyone in the OKC area: you can find TOMS at Loabi in Yukon, Shoe Gypsy & Blue 7. They even have baby TOMS!
Watch this video for more information on how you can help children in need this Christmas:

I encourage everyone to support non-profits that help people! Buy gifts that keep on giving! Help the world in need!:)

Merry shopping!


Karen said...

Hooray for Toms! Zac and I are doing the same thing this gifts that keep better way to do it!! :) I love you and your're wonderful...

Dana said...

I have never heard of TOMS. I think I'll be looking into it. I need some good ideas for some Christmas gifts and I very much like the ones that give back!

Jacquelyn said...

and Lucca at Penn and in Edmond!:)

Jacquelyn said...

duh! of course i will! i am ALWAYS down for shopping.

Amy Beth said...

I LOVE TOMS! I bought them last year for my friends and some family for Christmas. They are my favorite and most comfy shoes. I AM a shoe-girl! Ha, I have 4 pairs...Not that I need 4 pairs- but it gives back that THATS what matters.

I like the way you think. :)

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