Thursday, November 6, 2008

fall is my favorite

I shot this photo while photographing my lovely friend Miranda. I was so happy the leaves were turning! FINALLY! It seems like fall is taking its own sweet time here in Oklahoma. The seasons have been so weird this year. It's just now hitting the 50's. I absolutely LOVE fall. I get very nostalgic because it reminds me of my freshman year of college which happened to be my favorite year of college. So every time this season hits, I am reminded of how much fun I had at the tender age of 18. If only like were as simple as it was then!

Also, another reason I love this season is because of this:

I LOVE pumpkin spice cappucino! 7-11 has the BEST & they only carry it during the fall months. In fact, my family loves it so much that my mom asked the people at 7-11 what company they buy from. So, instead of having to wait for the fall, we get it all year long from Superior Coffee!Go getcha some. I promise, you will not be disappointed!

Happy fall ya'll :)


Jacquelyn said...

I love fall too! There used to be this coffee shop in Stillwater called Third Place and they had this drink called "the best drink ever" (i'm pretty sure), anyway it was fall and thanksgiving and christmas in a cup! I think the best thing about fall, besides all the colors and change, is the anticipation of the holidays! :)

Dana said...

Hey Abby! Just thought I would say hi, saw your blog on Shannon's. Glad fall in OK is so beautiful! We are moving in on winter in Russia, cold and more cold mixed with a lot of snow and a little ice! Anyway, hope you are doing well1

Dana said...

Yea this is my second year in Moscow. I moved here in Aug. 2007. I teach English and Science to 1-5 graders. I also volunteer at an orphanage in the countryside about once a month. Its been a great experience so far. I do believe I am moving back to Edmond this summer, end of June.

What are you doing these days?!

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