Thursday, November 5, 2009

Evan & Danae - Engagement Shoot

I knew who Danae was while attending OBU but didnt' have the chance to get to know her until recently when she asked me to shoot her wedding next summer. Evan and Danae are the kind of couple you know are crazy about each other. They were so naturally in love and great at modeling which made my load 100 times lighter! From Danae's red hair to both of their gorgeous baby blues, the photos had hardly any color correcting. We shot their engagements in the Midtown area of OKC one night when the clouds were rolling in. At one point it sprinkled but we got lucky and the rain stopped long enough for us to get the photos we needed! I had so much fun with this shoot and look forward to their wedding next June. Thank you Danae & Evan for asking me to capture such a sweet time in your lives!



Anonymous said...

I think I have decided that you're going to be my wedding photographer...WHEN that day comes. I really do just love your work. And I'd rather pay a friend than a stranger. :)

Cara said...

So cute. She is gorgeous.

Stephanie said...

I'm in love with the last photo. So rockin, song.

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