Monday, November 2, 2009

Cooper Ketron

This post will be longer than usual because 1: It's about one of my best friends and 2. It's two shoots in one!
Rhyanne and I met my freshman year at Okla. Baptist University in the WMU dorm. She lived on my hall so I'd see her frequently. One of the first weeks of class a random group of people decided to go thrift store shopping. She was in this group, I was invited, we clicked and 5 years later we are still the best of friends. That's the shortened version anyhow!
Rhyanne and her hubby Chase (who we also met while at OBU) are two of my favorite people. They both have wonderful families, who treat me like their own. They're the kind of couple you know have a solid, loving relationship. We always have so much fun when I visit them in Bentonville, AR!
We shot Rhy's maternities back in August while I was visiting for her baby shower. She was glowing! Cooper was just two months away from gracing us with his sweet presence. Since this is the first of my closest friends to have a baby, I was so more than thrilled to do the photos! We shot some at her house and the rest in the downtown Bentonville area. If you've never been to this side of Arkansas, you are missing out. It's GORGEOUS, especially during the fall. Here are (quite) a few from the shoot:

While visiting in August, Rhy's parents asked if I would surprise her at the hospital and take pics during labor & delivery. Cooper decided he'd take his sweet little time so almost a week after his due date, the doctor went ahead & had Rhyanne come into the hospital for inducing. She was keeping me informed via text and unaware that all the while I was packing my bags for the trek back to Arkansas. The morning of October 18th I arrived at the hospital and surprised her:) She was shocked! It was too much fun! A good 12 hours later, Cooper finally arrived. He is perfect, beautiful and just as sweet as can be! One more reason why photographing babies is my absolute favorite.
Here he is ladies and gentleman...Joseph Cooper Ketron!

Congratulations Rhyanne and Chase! You will be the greatest parents. I love you guys!

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Cara said...

Oh. My. Word. Sooooooooooo great. Great. I love every single one. I hope I'm that cute when I'm pregnant.

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