Thursday, September 17, 2009

Aly & Nolan (cont'd)

More from Aly & Nolan's engagement shoot! Best wishes to you guys! Thanks for such a fun shoot:)

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Aly & Nolan's shoot was not only uber fun, but quite interesting as well. While shooting at a location I'd never shot at before, we stumbled upon a woman's purse. Mind you, we are in the middle of a field, away from a few buildings and no traffic whatsoever. Immediately, I start looking around to see if there is more evidence of what seemed to be a crime scene (pretty freaky at first to see all the belongings strewn about!) We started sifting through the items for any identification we could find. In the process I spotted a social security card lying on its back and Aly noticed a driver's license. I couldn't believe the social security card was even'd been raining for the past several days and not to mention the wind in Oklahoma can be rather cruel. To make a long story short, Aly picked up the license, read the name and come to find out, the purse & all of its contents belong to a girl I used to work with at Oak Tree golf course. I was floored! Of ALL places, of ALL people and I JUST SO HAPPEN TO KNOW THE GIRL THE PURSE BELONGED TO?!
I ended up calling the owner of the bag and she couldn't believe we'd found it. Apparently, it'd been stolen 2 weeks before! WOW. Nothing like being in the right place at the right time! I'm just glad she got her Gucci bag back:)


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Cara said...

Your work has evolved sooooo much! GREAT shoot! I wish someone had found my purse after it was stolen! Would've saved me a trip to the SS office AND a new license!

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