Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Natasha & Dan/E-shoot

While at Invisible Children, Inc. I came to know Natasha. She handles the Book Drive so whereas we weren't in the same dept., we often met at the "water cooler". She was sweet enough to let me join her at the Animal Liberation Orchestra show at Belly Up (coolest music venue in San D) one of my first weeks in CA. Anyway, Natasha informed me early on that she was getting married in July and I asked if she needed engagements. We finally got around to it the day before I left California! I was thrilled to shoot these for her and Dan. They are the first couple I've ever photographed at the beach! We drove out to my favorite place: Coronado! If you ever visit San Diego, you MUST go here. It is beyond beautiful, the sand is different than most places in SoCal and it's VERY clean. Not to mention they have Hotel del Coronado (you can see it in the back of some photos). It's gorgeous! These two were incredibly natural in front of the camera...they even danced. LOVE IT. I couldn't pick just a few photos so I decided to post quite a bunch that were personal faves. THANK YOU NATASHA AND DAN! You guys are wonderful. I wish you nothing but the best & a life full of happiness!


Hope you all enjoy.


Pascha said...

love these pictures abby, she is beautiful; you did a great job!
And i like the new header it looks like you!!
Do you know if you will get our pics to us before you leave? just checking!

harrisnatasha1981 said...

Abby you did such a beautiful job! You have an incredible eye and a great knack for catching a moment. You have such a generous spirit - thanks for shooting us and giving us such beautiful memories. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Man! I knew Natasha was gorgeous...but MAN!!! They look smokin'! :) Great job love...

meredith diffee said...

SO good. love love them!! i wanna do an e-session on the beeeeeach

Jacquelyn said...

favs: her on his back. also, dancing ones are great. they are all great. :) YOU are great. a natural. seriously. effortless. imaginative, interesting, innovative, inspiring. ;)

The Kowalskis said...

Abby! You are so talented! These are BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait to see all the wonderful pictures you take during your upcoming adventure!

Dana said...

These pics are so great! I will definately have to have you take some pics for me in the future, they are amazing!

I'm not sure exactly what is next for me. I have applied for a million teaching jobs in OK but haven't gotten one. I have had a non-teaching job offer in Houston, TX. So with any luck I will know something more concrete soon!

Adventures in the Middle East said...

The B&W of the two of them, flowers, and the ring and the B&W of the facing profiles. You Are good and they are really happy!

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