Friday, June 19, 2009

the Bean is 1

NOTE TO READERS: I'm an aunt therefore I reserve all bragging rights on this post;)

It's Ellie bean is 1 year old! My beautiful, amazing, little angel of a niece is a big girl now!
We celebrated this past weekend, not just one birthday, but TWO! Because not only is Ellie 1, Owen turned 3! THREE! What?! When did these babies get so big?! Since their birthdays are so close (O's is June 16th and June 18th is Ellie's) , my sister had a joint "Pirates & Princesses" party. We had so much fun pigging out on b-day cake & ice cream, hitting the treasure chest pinata & of course, watching the kids open presents. It blows my mind how big they are getting and how fast it's gone by. Whether it's swimming with Owen or cuddling with Ellie, I try and soak in the precious moments as best I can. I know they will grow faster than we'd all really like (cue John Mayer's "Stop This Train"). There's just something about their innocence that makes me want to squeeze them and never let go! They are such sweet reminders of Gods love and blessings poured on our families. Life would not be complete without them.

Yesterday, my sister and I decided to shoot some photos of Ellie in a cute little birthday number. Naturally, I can't help but share these photos with you. I just love her so stinkin' much! I promise to post b-day pics soon!

Here she is ladies & gents...Ellie Cunningham on her 1st birthday!
happy girl
Ellie bean is 1 year old!
little princess
the bean
LOVE this one!
She's standing!
tiny dancer
curious about the camera
sweetest smile
so huggable
Mama & Ellie bean
sweet moments with Nana
Ellie & Nana
Ellie & Me

With a full heart,


The Kowalskis said...


Dana said...

I'm not her aunt so I will so with no bias that she is beautiful! That outfit is so precious too! Great pics!

Pascha said...

i love her love her love her!!!
i am at my inlaws and my mother in law was looking at the pics with me and she was just raving....seriously!! she is beautiful!

Rachel Antone said...

I understanding the overwhelming love for nieces & nephews. I find myself thinking, "oh gosh, if I love THEM this much - how on earth am I going to feel about my own!?" You have such a beautiful family, and you are not alone on the urges to squeeze!

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