Wednesday, February 18, 2009

the power of prayer

I read this message this morning and had to share it with my fellow bloggers. If you know me, you know prayer is quite possibly the largest part of my relationship with the Lord. I pray about it all...past, present,, friends, career...peace for others and relationships. I love prayer and I know the power behind it because of the magnitude it can shake you, others and even a nation. I'm a witness to countless answered prayers not only for myself, but others, and so I stand firmly behind this. It is where God meets us and allows us to ask anything of Him as the Father. Some people say "Well, I just don't think my prayers are good enough or worthy when so much is going on in the world." Well, the truth is, you are here...RIGHT NOW...for a reason. He created you as an individual, as a child of the King, to live at this moment in time. He created your journey and breathed life into you. Why would he NOT want you to ask things of Him? "Seek and ye shall find. Knock and the door will be opened." I'm thinking that verse exists for a reason!:)

Anyway, I was reading this message by Max Lucado and felt very encouraged. I don't know how many of you take the time to pray or just simply give thanks, but I encourage you to do it. God will never disappoint you.

"You thought you got that new job because you deserved a promotion. I’m telling you, you got that new job because God wants you to stay there and pray for those people. You thought you were moved into that neighborhood because it was the best house you could find. I’m telling you that you are an assigned missionary to that neighborhood to pray for those people. You thought you were given that fourth grade class to teach just because the other teacher got sick and you got to be the substitute. Wrong! You were sent to that class because those 26 children need somebody to pray over them. You thought you were given this nation because you just happened to follow a certain lineage of a certain generation. Wrong! God has assigned you and He has assigned me to be prayer warriors for this nation, to intercede." -Max Lucado

Happy Wednesday! (Cali update coming soon!)


Whit said...

Very uplifting post Abby! Great way to start my day. I hope you are enjoying San Diego!

Kelsey and Evan said...

yeah yeah layout...... but I work til 4 then crap crap then its dark!!! so maybe this weekend... plus I am to impatient to layout unless I have a beautiful pool or ocean to stare at ha... i love keeping up with you on here too!
hope you had a wonderful birthday

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