Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hello from Sandy Eggo

So, I've officially been in San Diego for a week and a half now. Everything has been so intense yet so amazing all at the same time. The people, the weather...everything is AWESOME! I am having and know I will continue to have the time of my life! I haven't taken many photos because of the busy schedule, but I plan on uploading them as they come in. I definitely need to share a photo of my living situation...I share a house with 24 other people, 15 of them being female. Let me spell this out for you...

25 a four bedroom house...2 bathrooms...FIFTEEN GIRLS SHARING ONE BATHROOM.

15 GIRLS...........ONE BATHROOM.

Don't ask me how because I really don't know. I'm amazed by how it all works, really. Luckily, since I work at the art department I have a different schedule than the rest of the crew. This means I get to wake up later but unfortunately this also means I never have that awesome, hot water shower we all look forward to each morning. Boo. But, such is life..and hey, I am living the dream so I really can't complain!

I also must mention that the dept. I work in is located at Ocean Beach, exactly one block from the beach itself. I LOVE IT. I spent most of my lunch breaks this past week laying out at the beach and soaking it all in. The weather was in the 70s up until yesterday. (We have a monsoon right now...I'm assuming Oklahoma stole our weather for a few days. I heard it was 70s today).

Invisible Children kicks off the roadie tour this next Thursday. If any of you want a screening or know of a place that would host one, call us! You will NOT want to miss the media the roadies will be showing. Look forward to an incredible, international IC event that will take place April 25th! You won't want to miss it!!!

Okay, it's late. I just wanted to let you all know that everything is going great. I'll be in touch!
A pic before I go: (palms right outside the neighborhood)

love to all,


The Kowalskis said...

Wow, 15 girls and one bathroom?! That is pretty amazing... I want to see pictures of your house, and everything! Post some soon! I am so glad you are loving it!!

realolivegreen said...

You are a brave woman! I may have resorted to camping in the backyard!

Jacquelyn said...

yeah, i wanna see more pics, woman!!! also, all week when i have been thinking about vday all i can think is how i wish i was spending it with you. :( i love you and i misssss you.

Kelsey and Evan said...

I'm so glad you are having a good time! Looks beautiful :) Proud of you and what you are doing for the world.

Josh McCullock Photography said...

that is awesome! so happy for ya!

Danielle said...

O.M.G. 1. Are you working for IC? 2. Will you be at the screening of the doc on Friday in LA? 3. You're from OK?! I'M FROM OK!! aaannndddd I'm a TOMS intern! I totally feel you about all the girls with one bathroom! (except ours isn't quite as dire as yours.)
Also, I see you have a link to Tree & Leaf, which leads me to believe that you are maybe from the NW OKC area by chance... which is where Iiii am from!
But yes, I was just really excited to stumble across your blog!!
I'm done taking up all the space on your comment area now...
HAVE A GREAT DAY!! (The sun is out! FINALLY!)

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