Friday, February 26, 2010


Hello all! :)
As most of you know, I am a strong advocate for humanity and animals. Whether it be children in Africa, or praying for a stray dog I see on the side of the road (and most of you know I actually will do this! ha!) I can't help but feel a pull toward raising awareness about these two things.
I recently met with a local animal rescue, Pets & People, to volunteer my photography services for their website and adoption sites. I learned through their site that BISSELL cleaning brand (think the Bissell vacuum commercials) is giving away $10,000 in a pet contest. The contestant who wins will receive free Bissell products and $10,000 to the animal charity of their choosing.
Now, I typically wouldn't jump into a contest like this, but after seeing the conditions at Pets & People I can't help but want to at least give this a try. They are so short-staffed, have hardly any room for all the animals and they are strictly donation-based. There's not enough space for all the animals they take in and they get more each day. Cages are stacked, large dogs are in small cages and the conditions overall are hardly bearable. The one great thing about this place is they have a large dog park they were able to build through private donors. Volunteers are able to come and walk the dogs and play with them in this area.
Now, to the point of this message--
I've entered my beloved Sigmund into the Bissell pet contest in hopes of winning the $10K for Pets & People. I know it's not much money but they would benefit TREMENDOUSLY from this award. I could care less about winning the Bissell prizes (heck, I'd even donate them to Pets & People!)
The contest is judged by the amount of votes per contestant. So far, the top five winners have anywhere from 400-800+ votes. There are specific voting periods. The first voting period that Siggy is in starts February 26th and goes through March 4th. A few more will follow.
I'm simply asking my close family & friends to please vote for Siggy. I know the chances may seem high but like I said, I HAVE to give this a try after seeing the conditions at Pets & People!

Here is his entry link:

PLEASE VOTE FOR SIGGY STARTING TODAY! Help us win this for Pets & People!


PS-Please tell everyone you know to increase our chances! :)

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