Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Am I the only one who feels the emotional "letdown" after Christmas? There's so much build up to the holiday that once it's over, I'm almost in a state of depression. It comes & goes so quickly-even when I start shopping in October! I just can't grasp it like I could growing up. Of course, grown up schedules get in the way, but sometimes I wish I could feel that magical feeling of TRULY enjoying Christmas without stress, worries or not having to be anywhere! be a kid again. I especially think the week of Christmas and the week following should be declared national holidays (yes, the entire weeks). It's only right that we take AT LEAST two weeks out of the year and spend it with the ones we love :)

To sum it up, I leave you with photos that describe the "post-Christmas letdown" best. These were taken the morning after Christmas:


He is so rotten. I swear the dog has no idea he's a dog. Gotta love him:)


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Cara said...

I totally agree. I'm walking around sad....I made it 3 days post-Christmas still in the spirit and now I feel like a sad little girl with pigtails.

PS. I NEED the yellow piece of furniture your tv is on. I love it.

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