Saturday, July 11, 2009

50 birthdays


Today is a very special day. Well, every day is special, but this one in particular because my sweet mom is 50 years old! In honor of her, I decided to do a birthday blog!
I usually don't get all sentimental about my family on here, although I'm not really sure why. I'm convinced I've got the best:) "God has surely been good to us," my mother would tell you. I always marvel at the fact that I've got such a great mom. She truly is a best friend. I can tell her anything and know that she will offer the best advice possible, without judging, even when playing devil's advocate (mom's are so good at that). We laugh together, cry together, drink coffee together, reflect on the Lord's goodness in our lives and both get nostalgic during the fall season (our favorite!)

She's servant-hearted, loving and kind. I rarely see her angry and she grants us patience even more than we deserve. She's always taken the time to understand us and listen to our problems. I really can't say enough about my mom and the more I write this blog, the more I realize I should've done this a long time ago! Hands down, she is the best mom & "Mimzy".

Mom-you are the greatest! So loving and compassionate toward anyone and everyone. I've never met a person who didn't like you. In fact, I can't help but want to brag about how many people that have met you & told me just how great you are. You are kind to strangers and you've done a great job at teaching us to put others before ourselves, even though we fail at doing so...sometimes;)

Thank you for always being the biggest fan, greatest support, having an open heart and ear to always listen and lean on. Thank you for your wisdom and humor. I'll always cherish the years you poured your artistic abilities into our birthdays (the cakes were the best!) Oh, and not to mention the Halloweens you've dressed up, the Easter's you spent dressed as a bunny, the Christmas' you went out of your way to keep our belief in Santa going. The holiday traditions, the dress up clothes, waking me up for Sunday school at the age of 5 with your singing "wake up, wake up, you sleepyhead". I can't imagine not having a mom who encouraged us to reach inside our imaginations as much as you have. My whole life you've pushed me to follow my dreams, something I've never once regretted.

Mom, I hope 50 years have left you feeling nothing short of blessed or joyful. Thank you for being such a beautiful person inside and out. You are an inspiration.
To life...and 50 years of it! Happy Birthday!!!

I love you.


The Kowalskis said...

I know this post is about your mom (and it's VERY sweet)but, I just have to say... Owen looks SO MUCH LIKE YOUR DAD! I love it.

realolivegreen said...

Your parents look like babies. I hope I look that good at 50! PS-that first pic is just precious and should be made into a greeting card.

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